Friday, July 2, 2010

Potty Training tips

A mom on Yahoo Answers asked for some helpful potty training tips. This mom had a 22mt old daughter and was clueless at how to start potty training.

This here is my reply -

We started VERY early with my first child and also with my middle daughter. They were around 18mts.

A good friend and a wonderful model mom suggested we let our daughter pick out some BIG GIRL panties. We got some cute Little Mermaid panties.

First thing in the morning we'd take off her diaper and put on the big girl panties.

I think that day we kept the potty in the livingroom. Since it was our first time.

Now when she peed it ofcourse ran down her leg. This was new and scary for her & I'm sure she said a cute little "Uh oh". lol I put her on the potty and explained she going pee pee.

Expect a lot of accidents the first day. Let her sit on the potty in front of the tv if you like. I know a lot of parents do that.

My biggest suggestion is don't use PULL UPS. They are like diapers and out of 3 kids I can tell you they don't work except maybe for night time training & going out of the house.

Get some cute little potty books and there are potty videos.

But the best suggestion is go right to big girl panties. Expect a lot of accidents but she will catch on.

We started at 18mts and it was a slow up and down thing. It can take up to a year. One day or a few weeks may be great and others may not.

Also we would give our kids a little special treat after sitting on the potty for awhile and going pee pee. Like an M&M or something they love.

 This is one of the many books I read about potty training.

My girls loved this book.

How could someone who has disobeyed their parents become a good parent?

I found this question very interesting but very true to my life growing up.

This question was asked by a teen and she also said she was asking this about teen moms's. I answered anyway since I was married at 18 and first baby at 20. I was excited to see by votes that a lot of teens liked my answer. 

Here is my reply -

As a teen I was just awful. I had no respect to my parents what so ever. I grew up in a verbally abusive home plus my dad is a workaholic so he was never around much. Even worked on Christmas day.

I got married at 18. First child at 20.

My husband comes from a very strict religious home. I saw how well behaved his siblings were, how much his parents loved each other and also so great parenting in kids I babysat during the day.

Seeing all that changed my heart. I wanted kids who loved me but respected me. I didn't want my kids to be like me.

I'm now 34 & a pretty strict mom. My husband is strict too. My kids know that what I say is it. They know better than to whine & cry or fuss. We've taught them that.

When I was expecting my first child at 20 friends invited us to a church parenting group. Best thing we ever did. It was called "Growing Kids God's way".

The best advise I learned was "Not only should you enjoy your children but so should others".

I never wanted people to think of my family and dread seeing my kids.

Being a mom is a lot of sacrifice. You put away your own selfish needs and focus on your kids. I have always stayed at home with my kids. We'd do well if I went to work but right now I know I need to be with my children. That is my sacrifice to my kids.

This is true for good teen moms too. They turn from their childish ways to become a mom.


homeschooling mom of 3 - married at 18 & married for 16yrs.

How to get your child to stop throwing things

This question was asked on Yahoo Answers by a woman who said her nephew was always throwing his sippy cup. He would throw it letting people know he was finish with drinking. She also said one time he threw it & it landed on his face giving him a bruise. Yet that still didn't stop him from throwing it.

I've heard of other toddlers doing this too with their cups and also with other items.

Here is my answer to her question -

Tell him "NO! No throwing" then take his little hand very gently and help him pick up the cup. If he refuses to hold it you are still making him by controlling his hand.

Next still holding the cup in his hand say "Put it down nicely" then show him where you want him to put it like on a table, in the kitchen, on the floor next to him or where ever feel the right place it.

After you help him do this look at him and say in a huge happy voice "Good boy! Thank you for putting your cup down nicely."

Do this every time. He is 2 and wants to do things the way he wants to so after a bit he will get tired of mommy doing this for him and do it himself.

Also when his father gets home you can say "Show daddy what you did today with your cup." Then make a big deal out of sharing with his daddy what a good boy he is to put his cup down nicely.

It is important to keep doing this until he learns.

I did something like this with all 3 of my kids. If the child is old enough to disobey they are old enough to obey. You have to show them what you expect though and help them learn the process.
This is a book I found very helpful.  When I was expecting my first child my husband & I took a bible parenting class using this book plus videos. 

Welcome to my blog

Just a quick intro post to welcome you to my blog.

This is also a test post. If you look at the Amazon box to the side you should see some books I'm currently reading.

I'm really enjoying this book. I lived in Columbus, MS from about age 4-13. I still view it as my childhood home. Plus my grandmother lived in Jackson, MS which is where the book takes place.

There are so many reasons why I'm enjoying this book. The writing is wonderful, the characters are very loveable & most of all it takes place in MS.

The book takes place in the 1960's. The book is told from 3 points of view -
  • An older black maid
  • A younger black maid
  • A young white woman who wants to do far more than just sit around being waited on. She wants to be a writer. 
I'm reading the book on my Kindle. I love the Kindle so much and that will come in later post.